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Free Consultation 

During your consultation we will get to know each other, I can answer any questions you have, and you can get a feel for what your care will be like with me. 

Telemedicine & Phone Contacts

In the rapidly changing world, since the COVID-19 virus swept us off of our feet, we as a global society have implemented many new telemedicine options.  We have changed how we do many things during our self-quarantining periods. We offer a blend of home visits as well as telemedicine appointments. Our goal is to provide you with quality, personalized care while keeping your family and others in the community safe. 


Prenatal Visits 

Prenatal visits will still be a part of your pregnancy; only now, you will have them in the comfort of your home. 

Classes and Resources

There are many options and resources for childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting classes. We can create a class schedule and list of resources with you based on your needs and goals. 


When it is your birthing time, we will be in close contact with each other. I will give you reassurance as you progress and arrive at your home, ready to assist you in doing your best and strongest work! This is a sacred time, and every aspect of your birth experience should revolve around you and your baby. You and baby will be monitored in your home, and supported through your work. As you bring your baby into your arms, your sacred space will be held, all while we ensure that you and baby are doing well. 


If you love me, refer me! Referrals are more valuable than any ad campaign I could possibly run. I appreciate your referrals more than I can express here. Thank you for sending your friends and loved ones my way. 

Baby’s first feeding and immediate postpartum period

The time after birth is important to mom and baby for a host of reasons. Known as the "golden hour” it should be respected and valued as the vital time to bond with baby. Stare into each other's eyes, breastfeed, and get to know this new little person you created. The monitoring of mom and baby's well being is done while keeping mom and baby together.   

I will stand as a witness of your story

I promise to remember your strength. I promise to remember your work. My desire is to experience with you your greatest moments, and empower you as you accomplish them. I am honored to be invited into your space during your time. 

Postpartum follow-up visits

You did it! Your postpartum and newborn visits occur at 24 hours, four days, two weeks, four weeks, and six weeks after birth. At these visits, we weigh and measure baby, help with breastfeeding, and support you as you adjust to your newly expanded family. Nutrition support, tongue and lip tie evaluations, referrals if necessary, and postpartum depression screenings are all a part of your follow-up visits. 

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