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Providing Pregnancy, Birth, PostPartum, and Newborn Care. 

Valor Midwifery Services offers compassionate, individualized, evidence based midwifery care for birthing families.
In the most special time of your lives, you deserve the most special kind of attention and care.
Midwives have been standing with and supporting families since the dawn of time, and are experts in normal birth.
Mary Yanagawa, CDM/CPM, has cared for and supported hundreds of women in her career and is eager to meet with and get to know you and your family. 
Certified in the State of Alaska to practice, as well as recognized nationally by the North American Registry of Midwives as a Certified Professional Midwife, Mary has the qualifications and experience to provide exceptional community-based midwifery care to low-risk women with low-risk pregnancies.

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